The aims and objectives of the board are:

  • To undertake all necessary activities for the protection, promotion, and safeguarding the Tamang languages and culture.
  • To undertake the development of Tamang Tribes by promotion activities related to tourism, handicraft, folkart, folk lore etc.
  • To promote traditional games, sports etc. among Tamang youth.
  • To arrange functions, lectures, debates, discussions, seminar, exposure programmes of any kind for the objectives as stated above.
  • To take up social welfare activities as per the requirements of the tribe.
  • To study, preserve and propagate folk art, music, dance or other cultural activities and showcasing the distinctive features of the tribe by setting up museums.
  • To publish useful literature, papers, books, research works, magazines of the Tamang Tribe of the state.
  • To promote and aid artists, artisans of the Tamang tribe.
  • To construct, maintain, improve, develop, any building, houses or other infrastructure and land and other movable and immovable assets for the society.
  • To obtain fund from different Government departments of the Government of India and the Government of West Bengal for fulfillment of the aforesaid objectives.