First Anniversary Celebration of TDCB

On the occasion of the first anniversary celebration of the foundation of the Tamang Development and cultural Board, I, on my own behalf and on behalf of the Board, would like to offer our warmest greetings to our Honourable Chief Minister of West Bengal, Smt. Mamata Banerjee, entire range of officials and all our Tamang brothers and sisters associated with the Board.

We are fully aware that the Tamang Development and Cultural Board would not have been possible without the penetrating insight and vision of our Hon’ble Chief Minister. The decentralization of authority and the policy of sustainable development reaching down to community level is indeed a laudable effort to bring the Tamang community to the national mainstream of progress and prosperity. The journey to reach our goal is long and arduous but the fact is that the journey has started. I can assure you, Hon’ble Chief Minister, that we, the Tamangs, are fully determined to complete the journey and in the process empower ourselves for our own well being.

The past one year has been a very hectic period for us. We devoted quite some time in organizing things and setting them in order. For the present, we have established our office at 11th Mile, Kalimpong, with about 6 working staff members.

In brief, an account of our activities are as follows:

  • a. Achievements – We have prepared a separate annexure for this.
  • b. Plans and programs for the Second Year onwards:
    • i. Establishment of Coaching Institute for Central and State Services Examination for tribal candidates.
    • ii. Establishment of a Vocational and Technical Education and Training Institute for skill development for tribal candidates.
    • iii. Publication of a bimonthly magazine in Tamang Language so that it does not become endangered.
    • iv. Forming writers groups for writing books, dictionaries, stories, novels, etc. in Tamang language for the growth of Tamang literature and culture.
    • v. Introduction of Tamang language at primary level in schools and writing text books in Tamang language.
    • vi. Promoting Tamang Art,, Artefacts, Handicrafts, Thanka painting and other articles of Buddhist and Lamaism interest.
    • vii. Opening up new avenues for economic empowerment of the Tamang women folk.
    • viii. Reservation of seats in medical and engineering colleges and for higher education and research in the Universities and Research institutes of West Bengal for the Tamang youth.
    • ix. Holding workshop on regular basis for capacity building and transfer of information and knowledge in various fields of human activities such as agriculture, horticulture, sericulture, food processing, cottage industry, trade, commerce and business, herbal gardens, apiary and social services.
    • x. Establishing a Buddhist Museum containing Buddhist scriptures, paintings, sculptures, art and artefacts developed by Buddhist followers in India and abroad.
    • xi. Establishing a library of books, journals, magazines, etc. on Buddhism.
  • c. Introducing Professor G.S. Yonzone as Advisor to the TDCB. We are happy that Prof. G.S. Yonzone, former Principal, Kalimpong Collee and Former President of All India Tamang Buddhist Association, has given his consent to join the Board as Advisor. Prof. Yonzone is a renowned educationist, scientist, environmentalist, research guide and social worker. There are many achievements to his credit.

Lastly, we are extremely grateful to our Hon’ble Chief Minister for your graceful presence and for kindly accepting our invitation to this anniversary gathering. We pray to the almighty for your continued good health and happiness.



Tamang Development and Cultural Board